1. What kind of buildings do you build?

Outdoor Custom Structures is quite diverse in its ability to build buildings, not just sheds! We build garages, two story barns, cabins, hobby and workshops, storage buildings, playhouses, garden and tool sheds.

2. Do you build on site?

Yes, Outdoor Custom Structures primarily builds all buildings on site.  Doing so, ensures our customers receive a building that is square and is leveled properly. Or we can also deliver at no extra charge.

3. What size of vehicle do you use to deliver the building supplies?

The following picture shows a typical delivery.

Delivery Truck


Do I need a building Permit?

Building permits are not always required for Outdoor Custom Structures portable buildings. However, Outdoor Custom Structures strongly recommends that you check with your local community development and planning office (located within your city hall) for their guidelines. If you live within a Homeowner’s Association, you should also check the Covenants and any specifics regarding materials, height and proximity to lot lines.

Is there a warranty on your buildings?

Absolutely Yes! Using premium grade materials and professional craftsmanship on our buildings, allow us to provide a warranty that brings peace of mind to our customers. All supreme buildings come with a 10 year warranty! The value line buildings come with a 3 year warranty. We stand behind our products!

Do you construct buildings outside the OK City area?

Yes, Outdoor Custom Structures delivers state wide and beyond! Contact us regarding the details and distance. You can call us, email or use our online free quote form.

What if I want to add features after my storage building is constructed?

Outdoor Custom Structures would be happy to listen to what you have in mind! For example, we can add skirting, a ramp, railing and a paint job. Call us for information: 405-702-2275